Apple Bottom NLP is the Best E-Book on the Internet!

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Apple Bottom NLP is the Best E-Book on the internet! Along with the new e-book Sexual Singularity, you will learn techniques to pick up SEXY FEMALES anywhere!


Sexual Singularity “Get Her to the Point of Extacy Using NLP”

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Sexual Singularity “Get Her to the Point of Extacy Using NLP”
 This is the new E-Book that will change the game of NLP Seduction forever! When I first started using NLP Seduction Techniques, I wish I would have had something like Sexual Singularity as a roadmap. It makes everything clear and guides you through the process of using NLP patterns, rapport, ecology, time dilation and more to get you to the point of Extacy which I call the Sexual Singularity.

In this E-Book I will explain:

What the Sexual Singularity is all about.
How to know when she has reached the Sexual Singularity.

What signs will she give you to let you know she’s reached the Sexual Singularity.

How you can use the Sexual Singularity as a roadmap for NLP Seduction.

How you can pick up Strippers using NLP.

How these techniques can be used at the club.

Pick up Apple Bottom Girls at places like the Gas Station or Mall.

Get a Nice Blowjob After the Club.


This is the follow up to the Best Selling E-Book Apple Bottom NLP. My name is Jay and I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Specialist who discovered techniques using NLP that will work on all women but they’re especially effective and designed for the Apple Bottom Female.


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Apple Bottom NLP E-Book!

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Apple Bottom NLP is taking the internet by storm. Fellas, I used to hang in the bars or clubs and every now and then I would pick up an Apple Bottom Female.  I then took a course on NLP  after my certification for Hypnotherapy and it changed my life.

This E-Book will teach you everything you need to know. These techniques are designed for the Apple Bottom Female.  I perfected these techniques with strippers, video models and females you see in the club or at the mall that has a nice Apple Bottom.

In Apple Bottom NLP you will learn these things and more:

Data Mining

Orgasmic Touch Pattern


Booty Shorts Pattern

Embedded Suggestions



Stacking Realities


Swimming Pattern

…and much, much more

So don’t PAY hundreds of dollars on a course that will teach you the wrong way to use NLP. Many courses try to take NLP techniques that you would use in a therapy session and apply them to females in the club. This doesn’t work and these things have to be tweaked. This is exactly what I did and now I pick up Strippers and Apple Bottom girls in the club with ease.

I will show you these techniques in my E-Book  and the cost is just $9.95!!

That wasn’t a typo. It’s just $9.95!!

I’m not trying to make a living from this so there’s no need to try and charge 20 to 50 dollars like I have seen some e-books and courses like these cost online. I just know there’s guys out there like me who love the Apple Bottom Females and these techniques will give you the upper hand in a bar, a strip club, the mall or anyplace you see them. With your order, you will also get the e-book Sexual Singularity.

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